Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Dream come true by Richard

Beautiful views whilst hunting
To all the staff at Umdende, the farm owners where we hunted the serval & aardwolf, & the game ranch operators where we hunted the plains game: Thank you once again for spoiling my wife & I on our 7 day safari.  My 3 previous attempts to collect a serval met with no real opportunities & very few sightings.  I don't know how the first 3 days could have been any better.  8 serval sightings & 2 aardwolf.
Richard with his Aardwolf
Richard with his well deserved Serval

If you are looking for that elusive serval, I would deffinately recommend Umdende Safaris.  Clayton & his partners will put you on the cats.  They have a great pack of hounds if that is what you prefer, weather permitting.  Or you can do night hunting.  Both ways are exciting & very productive.
Richard with his Black Wildebeest
Richard with his old Blesbuck

Thank you once again for putting my fears to rest & making my dream of collecting the serval a reality.   From my wife, Marcie:  I certainly agree with my husband!  It was an amazing adventure.  From a woman's perspective, I felt spoiled and pampered.  Everyone went out of their way to make sure my needs (and wants) were met.  I have an extraordinary love for giraffes and the fact that a special effort was made to fufill one of my dreams of seeing them up close and personal was priceless!  I have never seen my husband happier than when he shot the serval--what more could a woman ask for?  Thank you so much!!      

Richard and Marcie with Richard's Blue Wildebeest taken on the last day

Wonderful Hunt by Steve

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Exceptional Buffalo Hunting By Alex

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