Monday, 16 May 2016

Planning your Perfect Safari part two

As promised we have gone into more detail about
Planning Your Perfect Safari

1) Create a List of what you want to see and do:
First things first, if you cannot think of what you would like to do or hunt but you know what Country you want to go to, Google is your friend! If you like to Bird hunt, google Bird Hunting in South Africa and have a look at the different Outfitters that offer top class Bird Hunting. Contact them, ask them to send you a pricelist or packages that they offer, or as Umdende Hunting Safaris does, we offer tailor made Bird Hunting packages to suit your needs. The same applies to Plains Game and Dangerous Game hunting.

2) Choosing the right Safari Company or Outfitter for you:
Once you have some idea of what different Outfitters and Safari Companies offer, we suggest choosing the one you feel the most comfortable with, the company that responds the quickest and has all the information on hand. This shows that they are passionate about their way of hunting and looking after you as their client. Request a list of references and look at their reviews - always a good idea to get first-hand information from past clients. Check the Outfitters credentials, for example are they still licensed, are they affiliated to any organisations like SCI, PHASA or DSC,then you know they are in this passionate about their business and it's not just a weekend hobby.

3) Timing:  
Find out from your Outfitter or Safari company when the best time of year is: This is crucial as different hunting regions around the world have different hunting seasons. This includes the South African Bird Hunting season (Watch out for Umdende Hunting Safaris blog regarding these dates.) In South Africa our hottest months are from late November through to mid -February, this is also our rainy season and breeding time of species, so our suggestion of the best time to visit South Africa is between mid-February and early November. Please keep in mind that should touring Cape Town be an add on with your Safari, that the rainy season there is May /June

4) What Species are you looking for: 
Deciding on the animals you would like to harvest, especially for first time hunters, there are a variety of Plains Game animals and Dangerous game animals available in South Africa. Check with your Outfitter if any permits are needed, how big the area is, is the lodge on the hunting area or will you need to travel daily to hunt, photos of the lodge, will there be other guests at the lodge (please note that this is normal unless the lodge is booked out exclusivity by the Outfitter.) Different species are located in different areas throughout South Africa, so your Safari may consist of some travel time. 

5) Inclusions and exclusions of your package :
Ask the Outfitter or Safari Company about their general Inclusions and Exclusions and what your package includes and excludes, for example does your package include permits, trophy fees, accommodation, meals, drinks, conservation levies etc. This is a crucial step so you are not surprised when you get your final bill at the end of your Safari. A Safari Contract Agreement between the client and Outfitter helps to make a joint decision between both parties involved and a clear understanding on all costs.

Watch this space for the next part of Planning your Perfect Safari,
where we will discuss what equipment to pack, tours and extra activities and much much more......

Clayton, Debbie, Liam and Camilla

Our Family looks forward to seeing you in Africa and
Making your Wildest dreams come true!