Friday, 29 August 2014

Outstanding week by Richard Ruttle

View from one of the Goose blinds
 Clayton and Debbie, our group enjoyed an outstanding week with you. It is very rare in life that you look forward to an experience for months and that it even exceeds your expectations.
Adian, Graham, Richard and Josie with the days Ducks
The bird hunting was absolutely world class including early morning Goose flighting in frost, very tricky dove shooting, exceptional ducks in 3 beautiful locations and decoyed pigeons. The spectacle of driven Guineafowl and francolin shooting is an awesome experience.
Richard with a Francolin
I successfully stalked a Springbok with Garth and as an experienced Red deer stalker this was a very memorable experience.
Richard with his Springbuck

Most importantly the hard work and care that you took to deliver an amazing experience was extraordinary. No detail was missed. The food Tenneil cooked was as good as I have eaten in any restaurant anywhere and the nights around the brazier swapping stories were absorbing and fun.
Garth was superb on our stalk, very expert, great company and happy to be asked a lot of questions and to share his expertise and experience. Producing a wild bush pig picnic afterwards amidst stunning scenery was a real and unexpected bonus!.The barbecue at Garth and Tenneil,s house after the Guineafowl drives was another highlight.
A very windy day for a Picnic

You are an exceptional team who really understand how to deliver an outstanding holiday. It is obvious you love your work and we thank you for a fantastic week. I look forward to doing it again!
Richard Ruttle

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Just a quick note by Aidan Woods

Scenic picture from one of our Duck blinds

Aidan, John, Richard and Josie

Hi Debbie, Clayton, Tenneil and Garth,

Richard, Peder, Aidan, Graham, John with their ducks
Just a quick note to say thank you to all of you for providing such a fantastic holiday. I really enjoyed the varied shooting and the food was excellent.
Josie liked the food and the scenery, but I don't think she was very impressed by my shooting. Heigh Ho!
Any problems we had we brought with us!
Despite that you provided a very relaxed atmosphere, many thanks.

Aidan Woods
Aidan, Richard, Graham, John with their ducks