Thursday, 27 November 2014

Waidmannsdank by Hermann and Tobias

Dear Debbie and Clayton
"My long-cherished desire to kill a buffalo in South Africa, has so far met me on my 70th birthday when my son Tobias, who is also hunters, I promised his party hunting trip. I immediately began searching for a suitable area. Umdende was known to me by a visit to the fair in Salzburg. The internet negotiated the time and the conditions quickly and reliably. In September, the 7-day trip began to Durban. There we were picked up by Garth and taken to the beautiful lodge.

Hermann and Tobias with Hermann Cape Buffalo

On the 2nd day of hunting I could shoot my old and very strong Dagga-Boy. I was overjoyed at this beautiful game hunting with really strong trophy.
Tobias with his Gemsbuck

Several buffalo, z.T. large herds were under the direction of Clayton, safely and without any hassle, stalked. When we discovered the old buffalo, everything went very quickly. The buffalo was only 100 meters from the first shot to the track. Also, the supplying of the game and the removal were organized very professionally. The remaining 5 days hunting was done by my son Garth carefully and passionately on local game. Every day was a different type of game to the track.
Tobias with his Impala

Tobias with his Springbuck

We have also enjoyed the days with the hunters and their pets in the end with Debby and very Tenneil. The exceptional attention and kindness of our hosts will give us the stay, stay with abundant and best cuisine and of course also in s├╝dfafrikanischem wine, a memorable one

Extremely pleasant we found that we were accompanied by the trip back to Johannesburg airport. We were in the professional support from the beginning to the end is always the secure feeling of being in good hands.

Tobias with his Warthog

Again our Waidmannsdank to all parties to meet with the hope of us once again to hunt. Unrestricted we can recommend your company to all employees. "

Thanks again for your great hospitality and many greetings to all.

Hermann and Tobias