Friday, 13 June 2014

Best Vacation by Darren and Carolyn Carter

Darren with his 40inch Sable
Both Carolyn and I would like to extend our gratitude for the high level of professionalism to all the staff at Umdende Hunting Safaris.

Garth (Dangerous game PH and Outfitter)with Carolyn and Darren, and Darren's first African animal

From planning & booking right up to our departure everything and everybody exceeded all our expectations! The accommodations, food and staff were all outstanding at all the lodges we stayed.
Darren with his Nyala

A special thanks to Garth who took care of our every need, in fact spoiled us rotten! His PH skills in assessing trophy animals are second to none.

Darren with his Fallow deer

We left Alberta with such uncertainty of what was to come and we returned with a genuine feeling of having the best vacation of our lives and several new great friends!

Darren with his 57inch Kudu
There would be no hesitation to return and do it all over again!
Great job Umdende!
Darren & Carolyn Carter

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Wonderful Safari by George

                             A few words to thank you and your staff for a wonderful Safari.
Vaal Rhebuck
Cape Grysbuck

To obtain a nice Cat , Brown Hyena, Vaal Reebok, Aardwolf, Aardvark, Bat Ear Fox, Cape Grysbuck, all in one Safari is phenomenal as these animals are hard to get. 

George and Clayton with Georges Brown Hyena
George and Liam with Georges Aardwolf
Liam and George with Georges Aardvark

Umdende Hunting Safaris deserves credit for organizing this Safari into six locations.
The best part was the three days with your family, especially sweet charming Camilla.

Umdende Hunting Safaris is in a class by itself.
Georges D'Aoust
George with his Bat eared fox