Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Special Thank you - Jeff

Jeff's Bow ready for action
A Very Special THANK YOU to Clayton and the entire staff at Umdende Clayton Comins Hunting Safaris.

Jeff with his First Impala
Jeff with his second Impala

I just wanted to take the time to say a BIG THANK YOU for such an Amazing Hunting Safari. I want to assure you of one thing, You have been able to bring my life long dream of hunting South Africa a Reality, and that Reality exceeded all of my expectations. From the Accomodations, the Gourmet Food to some of the best hunting I have ever experienced. The Professionalism and Dedication of All the Staff at Umdende was second to none.

Jeff and Liam with Jeff's Nyala
Jeff and Clayton's son Liam with Jeff's
Blue Wildebeest

Clayton, it was such a pleasure to meet your wife Debbie and children Liam and Camilla, and even more of a pleasure to hunt with your son Liam. The excitement in his eyes and all of his hard work illustrated the passion he has for the outdoors.  Clayton when I left I said " See you later" Not Goodbye,  I mean this in a sense that this will not be my last hunting safari in Africa and I can assure you that every hunting safari in South Africa will only be with Umdende Clayton Comins Hunting Safaris. 
Please thank Tenneil, Debbie, Moses and all of the staff for me at the lodge.

In Closing, if I only have one word of advice to give you, it would be this...  KEEP DOING WHAT YOU ARE DOING!!!!
Jeff with his Blesbuck taken at last light
Jeff with his Red Hartbeest


Happy Hunting
Your Friend
Jeff Boughazale

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Outstanding Job by Mike

Mike and his wife Jennifer at the Guinea fowl hunt

"Clayton and his team did an outstanding job of providing a number of diverse hunting experiences for our group.  
Mike waiting for drive to begin
Aim, Mark, Shoot
They also showed a great deal of flexibility in changing some of their plans based on some last minute requests.  
Perhaps just as important they all worked very hard to get to know each us on a more personal level which helped create a very fun and enjoyable social atmosphere.  
The men with bag of Guinea fowls and 1 rabbit
Joe in position 

I would highly recommend Umdende Hunting Safaris to any individual or groups that are looking for a very professional and adaptable team that will exceed your expectations."
Jen at the Elephant interaction

Jen at the Cat sanctuary